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Letting the Dark Leak In

Posted: February 2, 2013
By: Dr Dawn Tobin


We all understand that if you are sitting in a dark room, and someone opens the door to the next room where the light is on, that the light will fill your dark room.  However, if you are sitting in a well-lit room, and someone opens the door to a room that is dark, the darkness does not rush in and fill your room.
The same analogy can be made with your health.  Being healthy is like being well lighted. Your nervous system being a-kin to electricity, and you body parts like light bulbs. If your electricity flows cleanly to the light bulbs, you are well-lit; or healthy.
It therefore, stands to reason that when you are not as healthy as you could be, you are essentially not as well-lit. People often speak of health problems as something they have “gotten” or “caught”. The terms, “I got the flu” or “I caught a cold”, are common expressions used by many to express their lack of health.  But are these terms accurate in describing health – NO!
When you are not healthy, you did not gain something, you lost something, your health.  Even when someone suffers from a terrible disease, they did not gain that disease, they lost the ability to fight off that disease. Essentially if you are healthy, and someone opens the door next to you to a dark, (unhealthy) room, the darkness (sickness) does not flood in and takeover your well-lit (healthy) body. 
In fact the only way for your to go from your well-lit healthy body to a dark, unhealthy one, is for the lights to be turned down first, then the room becomes dark.
In chiropractic we understand this basic concept of health and sickness. We realize that a lack of health is not the introduction of darkness, but rather the decrease in the light. We understand that the nerve system is like the wiring that brings the electricity to the lights inside your body, and that any interference to this flow of energy to the lights within your body, lead to darkness and less health.
The purpose of chiropractic care is the removal of interference to the nerve systems, called “subluxation”. By correcting subluxations, the energy flow from your brain to your body can flow at it’s maximum, resulting in a “well-lit”, healthy body.  The more light, the more health.
When it comes to your health darkness can present in many forms and with many names. But if we realize the simple elegant truth that turning on the light will eliminate the darkness, we begin to understand the wonder of our own creation, and of the health we were meant to enjoy.